Company & Product Facts

Australia Owned Company

Vast majority materials of the product are Australian

100% Aussie Merino Wool (regarded the world’s best wool)

Woolmark certified

High Grade Aussie Cow Suede

99% Biodegradable Product

World’s First Innovation for Ugg Wear to be licensed and designed in people’s passion

Company Positioning Line – “Wear Your Passion”

Core Beliefs – The core of  Team Uggs innovation is the manufacturing process which represents the true genius behind the product.  Never before in the world has color dying and printing highly sophisticated designs been capable … until now! The cornerstone of our business is the integrity of the product we offer our customers. We use, promote and present only the highest quality materials which are predominantly made from Australian materials. Australia is globally recognized for the quality of our Merino Wool and Cow Suede and that’s where we are always going to stay with our product as we embark on global markets.